The Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra is now in its 78th Season.  Below is a table of all the works performed by the Orchestra.

DateV enueConductorComposerWorkSoloist
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightBadeltPirates of the Caribbean
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWilliamsJaws Theme
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightKhachaturianAdagio from Spartacus
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightMendelssohnFingal's Cave
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightSea SongsSea Songs
18-NovSpa CentrePaul Leddington WrightArneRule Britannia
13-Oct-18Warwick HallRoger CoullButterworthThe Banks of Green Willow
13-Oct-18Warwick HallRoger CoullElgarCello ConcertoLionel Handy
13-Oct-18Warwick HallRoger CoullVaughan WilliamsSymphony No. 2
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger Coullde FallaEl amor Brujo
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger CoullGinasteraEstancia Ballet Suite
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger CoullChabrier
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger CoullRodrigoConcierto de AranjuezCraig Ogden
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger CoullRimsky-KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol
16-Jun-18Warwick HallRoger CoullMarquezDanzon no. 2
10-Mar-18Warwick HallPhilip MackenzieAdamsThe Chairman Dances
10-Mar-18Warwick HallPhilip MackenzieGershwinRhapsody in BlueMalcolm Forbes-Peckham
10-Mar-18Warwick HallPhilip MackenzieHopeThree American Sketches
10-Mar-18Warwick HallPhilip MackenzieBernsteinSymphonic Dances West Side Story
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWilliamsSuperman March
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightVaughan WilliamsThe Lark Ascending
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightGoodwinBattle of Britain Theme
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightHoward arr RamskillFly Me to the MoonLouise Clarke
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightDeliusOn Hearing the First Cuckoo In Spring
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightGrayThunderbirds March
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightGoodwinThose Magnificent Men
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWaltonPrelude and Fugue The Spitfire
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightCoatesDam Busters March
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWilliamsMusic from ET
19-Nov-17Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightSherman arr. DudleyMary Poppins SuiteLouise Clarke
14-Oct-17All Saints ChurchRoger CoullMozartViolin Concerto no. 3Roger Coull
14-Oct-17All Saints ChurchRoger CoullShostakovichSymphony no. 7 The Leningrad
17-Jun-17Warwick HallRoger CoullRimsky-KorsakovOverture Tsar's Bride
17-Jun-17Warwick HallRoger CoullRachmaninovPaganini VariationsPeter Donohoe
17-Jun-17Warwick HallRoger CoullTchaikovskySymphony No. 5
06-May-17Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightElgarEnigma Variations
06-May-17Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightWaltonBelshazzar's FeastBenedict Nelson, St. Michael's Singers, Parliament Choir
18-Mar-17Warwick HallSimon HoggCoplandFanfare for the Common Man
18-Mar-17Warwick HallRoger CoullShostakovichFestival Overture
18-Mar-17Warwick HallRoger CoullVerdiRequiemStephanie Corley, Belinda Morley, John Findon, David Ireland
04-Mar-17St. Mary's Church, WarwickRoger CoullWoolfendenDivertimento
04-Mar-17St. Mary's Church, WarwickRoger CoullBeethovenViolin Concerto in D major, opus 61Callum Smart
04-Mar-17St. Mary's Church, WarwickRoger CoullBrahmsSymphony no. 1 in C minor, opus 68
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightRichard Rodgers arr KostalOverture The Sound of Music
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightLunnTheme Downton Abbey
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWaltonHenry V Suite
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightMorriconeGabriel's OboeNicky Brass
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington Wrightarr WilmottTV Sports Medley
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightAlfordColoney Bogey March
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightBarryOut of Africa
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightLoeweMy Fair Lady selectionsLouise Clarke, Laurence Wood
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWilliamsSchindler's List
20-Nov-16Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightWilliamsStar Wars Suite
15-Oct-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullTchaikovskyOverture Romeo and Juliet
15-Oct-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullSukScherzo Fantastique
15-Oct-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullRimsky-KorsakovScheherazade
02-Jul-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullNielsenHelios Overture
02-Jul-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullTchaikovskySymphony No. 2 in C minor Opus 17
02-Jul-16All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullSibeliusSymphony No. 5 in E flat major, Opus 82
14-May-16Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightWaltonCrown Imperial Coronation March
14-May-16Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightPoulencGloriaSt. Michaels Singers & Villebon Choir
14-May-16Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightWagnerTristan und Isolde Prelude & LiebestodNadine Benjamin
14-May-16Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightElgarTe Deum & BenedictusSt. Michaels Singers & Villebon Choir
14-May-16Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightElgarPomp & Circumstance March No 1
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresWagnerLohengrin Prelude Act 3
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresVerdiNadine Benjamin, John Hudson
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresVerdiLa traviataNadine Benjamin, John Hudson
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresSmetanaThe Bartered Bride - Polka & Furiant
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresVerdiOtello - Gia nelle notteNadine Benjamin, John Hudson
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresSamson et Dalila Bacchanale
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresWolf-FerrariJewels of the Madonna - Intermezzo
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresPucciniNadine Benjamin, John Hudson
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresLeoncavalloI Pagliacci Intermezzo
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresRimsky-KorsakovMilada Procession of the Nobles
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresPucciniTosca Vissi d'arteNadine Benjamin
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresPucciniTurandot Nessun Dormajohn Hudson
27-Feb-16Spa CentreTony AyresWagner
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightRossiniOverture The Barber of Seville
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightCarnival of the Animals - selectins
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightDukasThe Sorcerer's Apprentice
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightGoodwin633 Squadron
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightGoodwinWhere Eagles Dare
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightBrittenSea Interludes
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightHessLadies in Lavender
22-Nov-15Spa CentrePaul Leddington WrightTchaikovskyTchaikovsky
17-Oct-15Spa CentreRoger CoullRichard StraussAlso sprach ZarathustraGeorge Ewart
17-Oct-15All Saints Church, Leamington SpaRoger CoullGustav HolstThe PlanetsGeorge Ewart
Ladies of St. Michael's Singers of Coventry Cathedral
St. Marys Church, WarwickRoger CoullGlinkaOverture, Ruslan und Ludmila
20-Jun-15St. Mary's Church, WarwickRoger CoullBruchViolin Concert No 1 in G minorDavid le Page
20-Jun-15St. Mary's Church, WarwickRoger CoullTchaikovsky
07-Mar-15North Leamington School TheatreDominic GrierElgarChanson de Nuit
07-Mar-15North Leamington School TheatreDominic GrierBorodinOverture Prince Igor
07-Mar-15North Leamington School TheatreDominic GrierGershwinRhapsody in BlueKatharine Lam
07-Mar-15North Leamington School TheatreDominic GrierStravinskyFirebird Suite (1919 version)
07-Mar-15North Leamington School TheatreDominic GrierTard. arr Henry WoodHornpipe
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightCarl OrffO Fortuna (Carmina Burana)
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightGibbonsThe Silver Swan
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightJ S BachI Would Beside my Lord
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightHandelAnd the Glory of the Lord
31 Jan 15
Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightElgarPomp and Circumstance No 1
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightHandelHallelujah Chorus
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightMozartSymphony No 40 (1st Movement)
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightWagnerMeistersinger (Procession & Chorale)
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightParryI Was Glad
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightPucciniNessun Dorma
31-Jan-15Coventry CathedralPaul Leddington WrightBernsteinSomething's Coming from West Side Story
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightProkofiev
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightMussorgskyNight on Bald Mountain
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightPaul Leddington WrightChristmas Fanfare
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightPhilip LaneAnother Night Before ChristmasRex Satchwell
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightFrederick DeliusSleigh Ride
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightVictor Hely-HutchinsonCarol Symphony
07-Dec-14Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightNigel HessChristmas Overture
18-Oct-14Guy Nelson HallJaques CohenDvorakCello Concerto in B minorLionel Handy
18-Oct-14Guy Nelson HallJaques CohenElgarOverture Cockaigne (Op 40)
18-Oct-14Guy Nelson HallJaques CohenShostakovichSymphony No 5
21-Jun-14St Mary's WarwickRoger CoullHandelEternal Source of LightNadine Mortimer-Smith
21-Jun-14St Mary's WarwickRoger CoullHandelOrgan ConcertoThomas Corns
21-Jun-14St Mary's WarwickRoger CoullMahlerSymphony No 4 in G major
21-Jun-14St Mary's WarwickRoger CoullRespighiChurch Windows - Four Symphonic Impressions
08-Mar-14Guy Nelson HallPeter DonohoeDebussyLa Mer
08-Mar-14Guy Nelson HallPeter DonohoeRachmaninovPiano Concerto No 3Philip Martin
08-Mar-14Guy Nelson HallPeer DonohoeTchaikovskyCapriccio Italienne
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightAnderson LeroyThe Typewriter
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightGardiner JohnThe Holly and The Ivy
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightHumperdinckHansel and Gretel Dream Pantomime
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightLane PhilipNight Before ChristmasRex Satchwell
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightLane PhilipOverture on French Carols
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightLeddington Wright PaulChristmas Fanfare
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightLeddington Wright PaulJingle Bells
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightRimsky KorsakovPolonaise from Christmas Eve
08-Dec-13Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightTchaikovskyThe Nutcracker suite
19-Oct-13Guy Nelson HallRichard LaingSibeliusViolin Concerto in D minorCallum Smart
19-Oct-13Guy Nelson HallRichard LaingStravinskyPetrushka
19-Oct-13Guy Nelson HallRichard LaingTchaikovskySwan lake suite
22-Jun-13St Mary's WarwickOrlando JoplingArnoldSymphony No 5
22-Jun-13St Mary's WarwickOrlando JoplingBerliozOverture Roman Carnival
22-Jun-13St Mary's WarwickOrlando JoplingStrauss RichardFour Last SongsMary Plazas
09-Mar-13Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullRachmaninovSymphony No 2 in E minor (Opus27)
09-Mar-13Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullSibeliusKarelia suite (Op11)
09-Mar-13Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullSibeliusTapiola
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightAnderson LeroySleigh Ride
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightGoodwin633 Squadron
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightLeddington Wright Paul
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightPoulencBabar the ElephantGraham Shurvinton
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightRollins & NelsonFrosty the Snowman
09-Dec-12Guy Nelson HallPaul Leddington WrightWilliamsHarry Potter Suite
10-Nov-12All Saints LeamingtonNigel StarkBrahmsSong of Destiny
10-Nov-12All Saints LeamingtonNigel StarkBrahmsGerman RequiemClaire Seaton, Michael Bundy
10-Nov-12All Saints LeamingtonNigel StarkMendelssohnOverture Ruy Blas
13-Oct-12Spa CentrePhilip MackenzieBerliozSymphonie Fantastique
13-Oct-12Spa CentrePhilip MackenzieLiadovThe Enchanted lake
13-Oct-12Spa CentrePhilip MackenzieMussorgskyNight on the Bare Mountain
13-Oct-12Spa CentrePhilip MackenzieStrauss RichardHorn concerto No 1 in E flatHugh Sisley
19-May-12St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenMalmassonPoem quatre soleils vertsEmmanuelle Piget
19-May-12St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenPucciniMessa di GloriaRoberto Garcia Lopez, Darren Jeffery
19-May-12St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSchubertSymphony No 8 in B minor (Unfinished)
03-Mar-12Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBarberViolin ConcertoRuth Palmer
03-Mar-12Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrittenAmerican Overture
03-Mar-12Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenCoplandCeremonial Fanfare
03-Mar-12Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenCoplandDance Episodes from Rodeo
03-Mar-12Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakAmerican Suite
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenAnderson LeroyA Christmas Festival
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrittenMen of Goodwill
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenProkofievCinderella Suite No 1
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenReadeCinderellaJohn Woodvine
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovPolonaise from Christmas Eve
11-Dec-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWaldteufelLes Patineurs
15-Oct-11Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullBrahmsAcademic Festival Overture
15-Oct-11Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullBrahmsDouble concerto for Violin and Cello in A minorThelma & Lionel Handy
15-Oct-11Guy Nelson HallRoger CoullShostakovichSymphony No 1 in F Minor
18-Jun-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrahmsSymphony No 2 in D major
18-Jun-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakViolin Concerto in A minor (Op 53)Callum Smart
18-Jun-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWagnerPrelude to the Meistersingers of Nuremburg
05-Mar-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMahlerSymphony No 1 in D
05-Mar-11Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMozartClarinet Concerto in ABoyan Ivanov
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBadeltThe Pirates of the Carribean
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBlake HThe SnowmanJeffery Dench
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenEllisCoronation Scott
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGoodwin633 Squadron
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenHoneggerPacific 231
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenProkofievTroika from Lieutenant Kieje
12-Dec-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRodney Bennett - RichardMurder on the Orient Express
16-Oct-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenChopinPiano Concerto No 1 Op 11Peter Donohoe
16-Oct-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnOverture The Hebrides
16-Oct-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenProkofievSymphony No 7 Op 131
19-Jun-10Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 8 in G major (Op 88)
19-Jun-10Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenElgarOverture Cockaigne (Op 40)
19-Jun-10Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenRamskillTuba ConcertoColin Sneade
06-Mar-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBeethovenPiano Concerto No 4 in GPhilip Martin
06-Mar-10Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShostakovichSymphony No 12
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakSlavonic Dance OP 46
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGriegAnitra's Dance
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGriegIn the hall of the Mountain King
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenKodalyHarry Janos suite
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenProkofievPeter and the WolfJeffery Dench
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannRoses From the South
13-Dec-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannRadetzky March
07-Nov-09All Saints LeamingtonNigel StarkVerdiRequiemSeaton, Spicer, McKenzie-Wicks, Bundy
10-Oct-09Guy Nelson HallGuy Woolfenden
10-Oct-09Guy Nelson HallGuy Woolfenden
10-Oct-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minorCallum Smart
10-Oct-09Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovSymphony No 3 inA minor (opus 44)
20-Jun-09Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenBrittenViolin Concerto in G minorRuth Palmer
20-Jun-09Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 9 in E minor (New World)
20-Jun-09Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenGershwinAn American in Paris
14-Mar-09St Mary's WarwickGuy Woolfenden, Dominique DumontFaureRequiem
14-Mar-09St Mary's WarwickGuy Woolfenden, Dominique DumontSibeliusSymphony No 3
14-Mar-09St Mary's WarwickGuy Woolfenden, Dominique DumontSibeliusFinlandia
06-Dec-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsA London Symphony
06-Dec-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWaltonJohannesburg Overture
06-Dec-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWaltonCello ConcertoJames Barralet
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenArnoldTam O'Shanter
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenBrittenYoung Persons Guide to the Orchestra
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenDvorakOverture Carnival (Op 92)
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenTripp/KleinsingerTubby the TubaJeffery Dench
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenWaltonHenry V suite
19-Oct-08Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenWilliamsHarry Potter Suite
20-Jun-08Coventry CathedralGuy Woolfenden & Paul Leddington WrightElgarGive Unto The Lord
20-Jun-08Coventry CathedralGuy Woolfenden & Paul Leddington WrightHolstHymn Of Jesus
20-Jun-08Coventry CathedralGuy Woolfenden & Paul Leddington WrightSaint SaensSymphony No 3 in C minor (Organ)
20-Jun-08Coventry CathedralGuy Woolfenden & Paul Leddington WrightVaughan WilliamsTowards The Unknown Region
03-May-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBorodinOverture Prince Igor
03-May-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMussorgskyPictures at an exhibition
03-May-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenProkofievViolin Concerto No 2Rimma Sushanskaya
03-May-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovThe Procession of the Nobles
14-Mar-08St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenFaureRequiem
14-Mar-08St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSibeliusFinlandia
14-Mar-08St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSibeliusSymphony No 3
01-Mar-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenCoplandAn Outdoor Overture
01-Mar-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGershwinSymphonic picture Porgy and Bess
01-Mar-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGriffesThe Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan
01-Mar-08Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenKorngoldViolin concerto in DRuth Palmer
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenAnderson LeroySleigh Ride
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenCoplandVariations on a Shaker Melody
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGriegTriumphal March from Sigurd Jorsalfar
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenHumperdinckHansel and Gretel Dream Pantomime
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShoreLord of The Rings
02-Dec-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWaldteufelLes Patineurs
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenArnoldEnglish Dances (Op 27)
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenBrittenSentimental Sarabande
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenCoatesThe Dambusters
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenElgarPomp and Circumstance No 1
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenParryJerusalemArwel Huw Morgan
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenRogers & HammersteinYou'll Never Walk AloneYvonne Howard
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenSullivanYeomen Of The Guard
07-Oct-07Butterworth HallGuy WoolfendenWaltonMarch Crown Imperial
15-Jul-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBach JSPiano Concerto No 1Peter Donohoe
15-Jul-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMozartPiano Concerto No 20Peter Donohoe
15-Jul-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSchubertSymphony No 8 in B minor (Unfinished)
15-Jul-07Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenDivertimento
19-May-07All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenElgarViolin Concerto in B minor (Op 61)Ruth Palmer
19-May-07All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenElgarThe Music MakersClare Boville
19-May-07All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenParryI Was Glad
03-Mar-07Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyOverture Romeo and Juliet
03-Mar-07Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyVariations on a rococo themeJames Barralet
03-Mar-07Levi Fox Hall StratfordGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskySymphony No 4 in F Minor
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBadeltThe Pirates of the Carribean
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinIn the Steppes of Central Asia
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMorrisTing Tang The ElephantJeffery Dench
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRamskillMarch and Ragtime
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannThunder and Lightning Polka
03-Dec-06Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskyCircus Polka
07-Oct-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMozartDon Giovanni overture
07-Oct-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenNielsenSymphony No 4
07-Oct-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShostakovichCello concertoOliver Coates
09-Jul-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenFallaNights in The Gardens of SpainPhilip Martin
09-Jul-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRespighiThe Pines Of Rome
09-Jul-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRossiniSoirees Musicales
09-Jul-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenVerdiOverture Force of Destiny Overture
20-May-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrahmsSymphony No 4 in E minor (Opus 98)
20-May-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenJanacekSinfonietta
20-May-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWagnerOverture Rienzi
04-Mar-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSibeliusFinlandia
04-Mar-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSibeliusViolin Concerto in D minorSigrun Edvaldsdottir
04-Mar-06Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSibeliusSymphony No 2 in D
04-Dec-05Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenAnderson LeroySleigh Ride
04-Dec-05Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDeliusLa Calinda
04-Dec-05Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMorrisJuanita the Spanish lobsterJeffery Dench
04-Dec-05Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovVocalise
04-Dec-05Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannRadetzky March
08-Oct-05Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBorodinSymphony No 2 in B minor
08-Oct-05Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenGlazunovViolin ConcertoJana Novakova
08-Oct-05Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyMarche Slave
09-Jul-05All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden, Catherine DienesThomas TallisSpem in Allum
09-Jul-05All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden, Catherine DienesTippettA Child Of Our TimeElizabeth Franklin-Kitchen, Wendy Dawn Thompson, James Gilchrist, Roderick Williams
09-Jul-05All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden, Catherine DienesVaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
21-May-05All Saints LeamingtonJanet LinceElgarDream of GerontiusGaynor Keeble, James Gilchrist, Michael Bundy
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBlake HThe Snowman
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenChabrierRhapsody Espana
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElfmanThe Simpsons
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGriegIn the hall of the Mountain King
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenJaernefeltPraeludium
06-Dec-04Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsOverture The Wasps
09-Oct-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDeliusWalk to the Paradise Garden
09-Oct-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenElgarEnigma Variations
09-Oct-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenHolstThe Planets suite
26-Jun-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakSlavonic Dance No 1 in C, Opus 46
26-Jun-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 7 in D minor
01-May-04All Saints LeamingtonJanet LinceDvorakRequiemIngridt Atro, Eva Garajova, Lynton Atkison, Matthew Brook
06-Mar-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBeethovenViolin Concerto in DMaurice Hasson
06-Mar-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsSymphony No 5 in D major
05-Mar-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnOverture The Hebrides
05-Mar-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minorMadeline Mitchell
05-Mar-04Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShostakovichSymphony No 5
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenArnoldThe Padstow Lifeboat
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenButterworthThe Banks of Green Willow
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenEllisCoronation Scott
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenPoulencBabar the ElephantJeffery Dench
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRamskillRio, from 4 scenes for orchestra
07-Dec-03Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWilliamsHarry Potter Suite
31-Oct-03Aula des Max Ernst Gymnasium, BruhlGuy Woolfenden, BernhoftCherubiniRequiem in C Minor
05-Oct-03Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSukSymphonic Poem Prague
12-Jul-03St Mary's WarwickKatherine DienesBerliozInvitation to the Dance
12-Jul-03St Mary's WarwickKatherine DienesBerliozLes nuits d'ete
12-Jul-03St Mary's WarwickKatherine DienesBerliozMesse SolennelleGaynor Keeble, Sean Clayton, Laurence Cole
17-May-03Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBeethovenPiano Concerto No 5 in E flat (Emperor)Philip Martin
17-May-03Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenNielsenSymphony No 3 (Espansiva)
17-May-03Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenPanufnikHeroic Overture
08-Mar-03Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovSymphony No 2 in E minor (Opus27)
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCaswallSee Amid the Winter's Snow
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoatesThe Dambusters
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDove JThe Ringing Isle
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarOverture Cockaigne (Op 40)
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTradThe First Nowell
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsFantasia on Greensleeves
08-Dec-02Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonHenry V suiteJeremy Huw-Williams
05-Oct-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBlissPiano ConcertoPeter Donohoe
05-Oct-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrittenAmerican Overture
05-Oct-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 9 in E minor (New World)
13-Jul-02All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenElgarSymphony No 3
13-Jul-02All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenWaltonBelshazzar's Feast
14-May-02Baptist Church LeamingtonJanet LinceBarberAdagio for Strings
14-May-02Baptist Church LeamingtonJanet LinceJacob GOld Wine in New Bottles
14-May-02Baptist Church LeamingtonJanet LinceMozartEine Kleine Nachtmusik
14-May-02Baptist Church LeamingtonJanet LinceRossiniOverture Il Signor Bruschino
14-May-02Baptist Church LeamingtonJanet LinceSousaLiberty Bell
10-Mar-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBrahmsTragic Overture
10-Mar-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBruchViolin Concerto in G minorMaurice Hasson
10-Mar-02Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSchumannSymphony No 3 in E flat - The Rhenish
09-Dec-01Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGluckDance of the Blessed Spirits
09-Dec-01Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHeadTouching Eurydice
09-Dec-01Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMussorgskyNight on the Bare Mountain
09-Dec-01Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenProkofievThe Love of Three Oranges (March)
09-Dec-01Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenReadeThe Midas TouchJames Fleet
06-Oct-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenArnoldEnglish Dances (Op 27)
06-Oct-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenArnoldClarinet concerto No 2Peter Cigleris
06-Oct-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenArnoldSymphony No 4 Opus 71
12-May-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBizetL'Arlesienne suite No 1
12-May-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenFranckSymphony in D minor
12-May-01Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenMozartExaltate JubilateJayne May-Sysum
11-Mar-01Guy WoolfendenBalakirevOverture on Themes of Three Russian Songs
11-Mar-01Guy WoolfendenProkofievPiano Concerto No 2Gordon Fergus-Thomson
11-Mar-01Guy WoolfendenRachmaninovSymphony No 3 inA minor (opus 44)
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinIn the Steppes of Central Asia
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGliereRussian Sailors' Dance
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenProkofievPeter and the WolfJohn Woodvine
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenShostakovichFestival Overture
10-Dec-00Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTradChristmas Carols
07-Oct-00Bridge House TheatreGuy WoolfendenCoplandAn Outdoor Overture
07-Oct-00Bridge House TheatreGuy WoolfendenGershwinPiano Concerto inF majorPhilip Martin
07-Oct-00Bridge House TheatreGuy WoolfendenHansonSymphony No 2
25-Jun-00Bridge House TheatreGuy WoolfendenElgarCello ConcertoNaomi Boole-Masterson
20-May-00Coventry CathedralGuy WoolfendenDove JThe Ringing Isle
11-Mar-00All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden & Janet LinceElgarTriumphal March from Caractacus
11-Mar-00All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden & Janet LinceHovhaness AlanSymphony No 2 - Mysterious Mountain (Op 132)
11-Mar-00All Saints LeamingtonGuy Woolfenden & Janet LinceVaughan WilliamsSymphony No 1 (A Sea Symphony)Ingrid Atrot, Christopher Foster
12-Dec-99Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenAlwynFanfare for a Joyful Occasion
12-Dec-99Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenMen of Goodwill
12-Dec-99Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSuppeOverture Light Cavalry
12-Dec-99Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyThe Nutcracker suite
12-Dec-99Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTripp/KleinsingerTubby the TubaDavid Troughton, Richard Sandland
09-Oct-99Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenArnoldSymphony No 5
09-Oct-99Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenElgarRomance for BassoonAlexander Meyrick
09-Oct-99Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenTippettSuite in D
09-Oct-99Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenBassoon ConcertoAlexander Meyrick
26-Jun-99St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenBrahmsVariations on a theme by Haydn
17-Mar-98The Baptist Church LeamingtonGabrieliCanzon for brass octet
17-Mar-98The Baptist Church LeamingtonGabrieliSonata Pian e Forte for bass octet
17-Mar-98The Baptist Church LeamingtonReichenbach (arr)Scarborough Fair (brass)
17-Mar-98The Baptist Church LeamingtonWood GParody for 4 trombones (3rd movement)
01-Mar-98Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinOverture Prince Igor
01-Mar-98Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 6 in D major (Op 60)
01-Mar-98Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKhachaturianViolin concertoRimma Sushanskaya
14-Dec-97Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoplandDance Episodes from Rodeo
14-Dec-97Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenOffenbachOrpheus in the Underworld
14-Dec-97Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenReadeCinderellaGuy Henry
05-Oct-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenDeliusFlorida suite
05-Oct-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenElgarSoliloquyJane Saunders
05-Oct-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenOboe ConcertoJane Saunders
29-Jun-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBerliozOverture Waverly
29-Jun-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenChaussonPoeme de l'amour et de la mer opus 19Kate Flowers
29-Jun-97Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShostakovichSymphony No 11 in G minor (1905)
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenAlwynFestival March
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenArnoldEnglish Dances (Op 27)
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsAcademic Festival Overture
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenFaurePelleas and Melisande
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMartinuMemory to Lidice
15-Dec-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSibeliusLemminkainens Return - opus 22
06-Oct-96Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenBerwaldSinfonie Singuliere
06-Oct-96Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenNielsenViolin Concerto (Op 33)Sigrun Edvaldsdottir
22-Jun-96St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenIrelandA London Overture
22-Jun-96St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsSymphony No 2 in G major (London)
22-Jun-96St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenHorn ConcertoPhilip Eastop
11-May-96Coventry CathedralGuy WoolfendenVerdiRequiem
10-Mar-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBartokTwo Portraits (Op5)Jeremy Ballard
10-Mar-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKodalyHarry Janos suiteIan Forgrieve
10-Mar-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLeharMerry Widow
10-Mar-96Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLisztPiano Concerto No 1 in E flatPhilip Martin
10-Dec-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenChabrierRhapsody Espana
10-Dec-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenFallaRitual Fire Dance
10-Dec-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenFallaThree Cornered Hat
10-Dec-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelPavane for a Dead Infanta
10-Dec-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRodrigoConcerto de AranjuezCraig Ogden
08-Oct-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 8 in G major (Op 88)
08-Oct-95Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakViolin Concerto in A minor (Op 53)Priya Mitchell
31-Mar-95Pump RoomSchumannPiano quintet (1st movement)
12-Mar-95Spa CentreJonathan Del MarBizetCarmen Entractes
12-Mar-95Spa CentreJonathan Del MarMartinuSpalicek Ballet Suite No 1
12-Mar-95Spa CentreJonathan Del MarSibeliusKarelia suite (Op11)
12-Mar-95Spa CentreJonathan Del MarWatsonConcertina for Tuba and OrchestraRichard Sandland
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBarberAdagio for Strings
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBernsteinOverture West Side Story
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoplandFanfare For The Common Man
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDankworthTom Sawyers SaturdayDesmond Barrit
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGershwinSymphonic picture Porgy and Bess
11-Dec-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenIvesThe Unanswered Question
09-Oct-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenChopinPiano Concerto No 2 in F minor (Op 21)Philip Martin
09-Oct-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnSymphony No 3 in A minor - The Scottish (Op 56)
09-Oct-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWeberOverture der Freischutz
06-Mar-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDeliusBrigg Fair
06-Mar-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDeliusParis the Song of a Great city
06-Mar-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGriegPiano Concerto in A minor (Op16)Ragnar Eriksen-Erling
06-Mar-94Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWhettamBenvenutto Cellini
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDebussyEn Bateau
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGoodwin633 Squadron
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHoneggerPacific 231
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKhachaturianAdagio from Spartacus
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnCalm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRodney Bennett - RichardMurder on the Orient Express
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonSpitfire Prelude and Fuge
12-Dec-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenHenry Humbleton's HolidayGuy Woolfenden
10-Oct-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBruchViolin Concerto in G minorLaurence Jackson
10-Oct-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRodney Bennett - RichardSinfonietta
10-Oct-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskySymphony No 1 in G minor (Winter Dreams)
23-Apr-93Pump RoomDvorakString Quintet (1st Movement)
23-Apr-93Pump RoomMozartSelection from Magic Flute
23-Apr-93Pump RoomReadeVictorian Kitchen Garden
23-Apr-93Pump RoomTelemanFlute Suite
07-Mar-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Weber
07-Mar-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMahlerKindertotenliederJeremy Huw-Williams
07-Mar-93Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWagnerPrelude and Liebestod from Trisan and Isolde
06-Dec-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGriffesThe White Peacock
06-Dec-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHaslam/MorrisCooey LouisJohnny Morris
06-Dec-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRossiniOverture The Thieving Magpie
06-Dec-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskyFirebird suite
11-Oct-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenNielsenOverture Maskarade
11-Oct-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovPiano Concerto No 3Mark Bebbington
11-Oct-92Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSchumannSymphony No 1 in B flat (Spring)
08-May-92Pump RoomBach JSBrandenburg Concerto No 3
08-May-92Pump RoomHummelPiano Quintet
08-May-92Pump RoomJacob GOld Wine in New Bottles
08-May-92Pump RoomPearnsDiversions
08-Mar-92Spa CentreJonathan Del MarBrahmsViolin Concerto in D majorEdward Dusinberre
08-Mar-92Spa CentreJonathan Del MarChristopher BrownRuscelli d'Oro
08-Mar-92Spa CentreJonathan Del MarDvorakAmid Nature
08-Dec-91Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBerliozTrojan March
08-Dec-91Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelMother Goose
08-Dec-91Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWagnerThe Flying Dutchman
12-Oct-91Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenSchubertOverture Rosamunde
12-Oct-91Guy Nelson HallGuy WoolfendenShostakovichConcerto for Piano Trumpet and StringsMark Bebbington, Martin Orgill
05-Oct-91Coventry CathedralGuy WoolfendenHaydnThe Creation
07-Jul-91Spa CentreVernon and Maryetta Midgley
15-Jun-91All Saints LeamingtonGuy WoolfendenMahlerSymphony No 2 - Resurrection
10-Mar-91Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLisztLes Preludes
10-Mar-91Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minorEdward Dusinberre
28-Jan-91Sutton ColdfieldGuy WoolfendenArriagaOverture Les Esclavos Felices
28-Jan-91Sutton ColdfieldGuy WoolfendenSchubertSymphony No 3 in D
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBernsteinTo-Night
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGunodBallet music from Faust
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLeoncavalloVesti con Gubbie
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenProkofievThe Love of Three Oranges (March)
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenPucciniAria from La Rondina
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannOverture Gypsy Baron
08-Jul-90Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTurinaLa Rocesion del Rocio
16-Jun-90St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenPoulencConcerto for organ, strings and timpaniSimon Lole
16-Jun-90St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSchumannSymphony No 3 in E flat - The Rhenish
16-Jun-90St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSibeliusTapiola
16-Jun-90St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenTippettFanfare for brass
08-Apr-90Leamington Town HallGuy WoolfendenDelibesLe Roi s'amuse
08-Apr-90Leamington Town HallGuy WoolfendenElgarSerenade for String Orchestra
08-Apr-90Leamington Town HallGuy WoolfendenGieferIrrlichterMalcolm Rowson, Jane Woolfenden
08-Apr-90Leamington Town HallGuy WoolfendenSchubertOverture in C in the Italian style
08-Apr-90Leamington Town HallGuy WoolfendenVivaldiGloriaRosalind Roberts, Rachel O'Rourke, Claudia Fedder Manning
18-Mar-90Spa CentreJonathan Del MarBrittenViolin Concerto in G minorPeter
18-Mar-90Spa CentreJonathan Del MarElgarEnigma Variations
10-Dec-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenPoulencBabar the ElephantAlan Titchmarsh
10-Dec-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskyThe Fairy's Kiss
10-Dec-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskySleeping Beauty (Nos 1,2,4,5)
14-Oct-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBourgeoisOverture Green Dragon
14-Oct-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarSymphony No 2 in E flat major
14-Oct-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovPiano Concerto No 2 in C minorPhilip Martin
17-Jun-89St Mary's WarwickJonathan Del MarButterworthA Shropshire Lad
17-Jun-89St Mary's WarwickJonathan Del MarElgarCello ConcertoRichard Lester
17-Jun-89St Mary's WarwickJonathan Del MarVaughan WilliamsJob - A Masque for dancing
19-Mar-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenOverture Prometheus
19-Mar-89Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBruchScottish FantasiaEdward Dusinberre
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenArneUnder The Greenwood TreeCatherine James
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenArneWhere The Bee SucksCatherine James
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnA Midsummersnight's Dream - Wedding march
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenNicolaiOverture The Merry Wives Of Windsor
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSibeliusBerceuse from the Tempest
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyOverture Romeo and Juliet
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVerdiBallet music from Macbeth
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonHenry V suite
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenThe Owl and the CookooCatherine James
11-Dec-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenYou Spotted SnakesCatherine James, Ralph Fiennes
16-Oct-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinSymphony No 2 in B minor
16-Oct-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsDouble concerto for Violin and Cello in A minorDiana Cummings, Moray Welsh
16-Oct-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSchumannOverture Manfred
19-Jun-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakCello Concerto in B minorRichard Lester
19-Jun-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenNielsenSymphony No 3 (Espansiva)
19-Jun-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWeberOverture Oberon
30-Apr-88Shire HallGuy WoolfendenBach JSConcerto for Oboe, Violin and strings
30-Apr-88Shire HallGuy WoolfendenHandelThe Arrival of The Queen of Sheba
30-Apr-88Shire HallGuy WoolfendenMozartViolin concerto in A major (K219)George Ewart
30-Apr-88Shire HallGuy WoolfendenMozartOboe concerto in C (K314)Neil Black
20-Mar-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinOverture Prince Igor
20-Mar-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskySymphony in C
20-Mar-88Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyViolin Concerto in DLorraine McAslan
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenFour Sea Interludes
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGraingerMolly on the Shore
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHandelWater Music suite
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnOverture The Hebrides
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSmetanaMa Vlast
06-Dec-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannBlue Danube
18-Oct-87Spa CentreJonathan Del MarBeethovenPiano Concerto No 3 in C minor (Op 37)Mark Bebbington
18-Oct-87Spa CentreJonathan Del MarBrahmsSymphony No 1 in C minor
18-Oct-87Spa CentreJonathan Del MarMendelssohnOverture Fair Melusine
13-Jun-87St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenChaussonPoeme for Violin And OrchestraRichard Springate
13-Jun-87St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenGounodLittle Symphony for Wind
13-Jun-87St Mary's WarwickGuy WoolfendenSaint SaensSymphony No 3 in C minor (Organ)
22-Mar-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenSymphony No 7 in A
22-Mar-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMatthews CToccata Meccanica
22-Mar-87Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonViolin Concerto in B minorPeter Manning
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenPas de six from Prince of the Pagodas
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenChabrierMarche Joyeuse
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoplandBallet suite Billy the Kid
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGriegIn the hall of the Mountain King
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRossiniLa Boutique Fantasque
07-Dec-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSatieTwo Gymnopedies
12-Oct-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenOverture Leonora No 3
12-Oct-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHaydnCello Concerto in DAndrew Shulman
12-Oct-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovSymphony No 1 in D minor
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenBenjamin AJamaican Rumba
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenKernSmoke gets in your eyesPaula Bott
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenMascagniEaster Hymn from Caverlleria RusticanaPaula Bott
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenMassenetMeditiation from ThaisRichard Springate
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnNocturne and Wedding March for a Midsummernights dream
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenMozartCherubinos AriaPaula Bott
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsFantasia on Greensleeves
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenVerdiLeonoras Prayer from the Force of DestinyPaula Bott
13-Jul-86Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenWaldteufelLes Patineurs
22-Jun-86Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenGershwinRhapsody in BluePeter Donohoe
22-Jun-86Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenGriffesThe Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan
22-Jun-86Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenMahlerSymphony No 1 in D
16-Mar-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsSymphony No 2 in D major
16-Mar-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMozartPiano Concerto No 21 in C (K467)Mark Bebbington
16-Mar-86Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWoolfendenDivertimento
08-Dec-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBlake HThe SnowmanHenry Kelly
08-Dec-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenYoung Persons Guide to the Orchestra
08-Dec-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenButterworthThe Banks of Green Willow
08-Dec-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoatesOverture The Merrymakers
08-Dec-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHandelOverture in D minor
16-Jun-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCanteloubeSongs of the AuvergneWendy Eathorne
16-Jun-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGerhardAlegrias
16-Jun-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenPoulencLes Biches
16-Jun-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelSheherazadeWendy Eathorne
17-Mar-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenViolin Concerto in DPeter Manning
17-Mar-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLisztOverture and ballet music from Don Sanche
17-Mar-85Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTippettSuite for the birthday of Prince Charles
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenIbertDivertissement
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKhachaturianSabre Dance
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelPavane for a Dead Infanta
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenReadeCinderellaRoger Rees
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSaint SaensDance Macabre
09-Dec-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovsky
14-Oct-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenPiano Concerto No 4 in GElaine Donohoe
14-Oct-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsTragic Overture
14-Oct-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHindemithMathis der Maler
14-Oct-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss RichardOverture and dance scene from Ariadne auf Naxos
24-Jun-84Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenBartokSix folk songs for womens chorus and orchestra
24-Jun-84Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenHolstThe Planets suite
24-Jun-84Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelBolero
24-Jun-84Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
04-Mar-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRachmaninovRhapsody on a theme of PaganiniAlan Schiller
04-Mar-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovRussian Easter festival overture
04-Mar-84Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskySymphony No 6
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenAnderson LeroySleigh Ride
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBerkley and BrittenMont Juic
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBerliozOverture Royal Hunt and Storm
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHandelThe Arrival of The Queen of Sheba
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLiadovThe Enchanted lake
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenReadeThe Midas TouchRichard Baker
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRossiniOverture Semiramide
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonMarch Crown Imperial
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonPassacaglia for the Death of Falstaff
11-Dec-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonTouch her soft lips and part
16-Oct-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMoeranSinfonietta
16-Oct-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMozartClarinet Concerto in AColin Parr
16-Oct-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSchubertSymphony No 3 in D
16-Oct-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsThe Lark AscendingAngela Ritchey
06-Mar-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenLes IlluminationsIsabel Buchanan
06-Mar-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarConcert overture In The South
06-Mar-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsPastoral Symphony
06-Mar-83Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsOverture The Wasps
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrittenMen of Goodwill
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenFallaNights in The Gardens of SpainDorothy
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHolstHammersmith
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHumperdinckHansel and Gretel Dream Pantomime
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMcCunnThe Land of the Mountain and the Flood
12-Dec-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWillcocksGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
17-Oct-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKodalyDances of Galanta
17-Oct-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenLaloSymphonie EspagnolePeter Manning
27-Jun-82Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenSymphony No 9 (Choral)Janice Cairns, Diana Montague, Philip Doghan, Raimond Herinx
27-Jun-82Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsVariations on a theme by Haydn
27-Jun-82Warwick Arts CentreGuy WoolfendenSchubertOverture Rosamunde
07-Mar-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSaint SaensCello ConcertoRobert Cohen
07-Mar-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskyPetrushka
07-Mar-82Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWagnerOverture Rienzi
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonBeethovenOverture Fidelio
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonBizetCarmen - Torreadors SongRobert Carpenter-Turner
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonBizetCarmen Micaelas AriaMaureen Keech
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonGunodValentines aria from FaustMaureen Keech
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonMascagniIntermezzo - Easter HymnMaureen Keech
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonMozartMarriage of Figaro - excerptsMaureen Keech, Robert Carpent-Turner
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonVerdiChorus of Hebrew Slaves - Nabucco
20-Feb-82Civic Hall SolihullJohn SimpsonWagnerTannhauser - Entry of the Guests
13-Dec-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBernsteinOverture Candide
13-Dec-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenCoplandJohn Henry
13-Dec-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGershwinAn American in Paris
13-Dec-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGillisSymphony No 5 1/2
13-Dec-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSousaWashington Post
21-Jun-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenFranckSymphony in D minor
21-Jun-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRavelPiano Concerto in G majorRichard Markham
03-May-81Myton SchoolGuy WoolfendenMozartDie Schopfer des Weltalls
03-May-81Myton SchoolGuy WoolfendenNielsenFlute ConcertoIan Reynolds
03-May-81Myton SchoolGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsFolk Song Suite
08-Mar-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakOverture Othello (Op 93)
08-Mar-81Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakSymphony No 6 in D major (Op 60)
14-Dec-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBorodinPolovtsian Dances from Prince Igor
14-Dec-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenGounodBallet music from Faust
14-Dec-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMeyerbeerLes Patineurs
14-Dec-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenOffenbachOrpheus in the Underworld
14-Dec-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWeberInvitation to the dance
12-Oct-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenSymphony No 3 in E flat
12-Oct-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSibeliusPelleas and Melisande
12-Oct-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss RichardOboe ConcertoNeil Black
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenAlbinoniAdagio
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenAnderson LeroySandpaper Ballet
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenDvorakRusalka's song to the moonJane Faiers
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenFarnonJumping Bean
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenGluckDance of the Blessed SpiritsGraham Smith
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannLaughing Song from Die FledermausJane Faiers
29-Jun-80Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JosefFeuerfest Polka
15-Jun-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSullivanOverture Di Ballo
15-Jun-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenVaughan WilliamsA London Symphony
15-Jun-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenWaltonConcerto for Viola and OrchestraCsaba Erdelyi
09-Mar-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarThree Bavarian Dances (Op 27)
09-Mar-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarOverture Cockaigne (Op 40)
09-Mar-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarSea Pictures (Op 37)Norma Procter
09-Mar-80Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarViolin Concerto in B minor (Op 61)Andrew Watkinson
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenIppolitov-IvanovThe Procession of the Sardar
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenKabalevskyOverture Colas Breugnon
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMussorgskyNight on the Bare Mountain
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenProkofievLieutenant Kije suite
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovDubinushka
09-Dec-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenTchaikovskyThe Nutcracker suite
07-Oct-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBrahmsPiano Concerto No 2 in B flatPeter Donohoe
07-Oct-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDvorakOverture Carnival (Op 92)
07-Oct-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenShostakovichSymphony No 1 in F Minor
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenBrahmsTwo Hungarian Dances
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenCoatesKnightsbridge
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenElgarPomp and Circumstance No 1
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenGriegPeer GyntJane Faiers
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenKernCant Help Lovin Dat ManJane Faiers
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenMozartHorn concerto No 4 (Rondo)John Geddes
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss EdwardGo Ahead
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JohannRadetzky March
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenStrauss JosefThe Dragon Fly
08-Jul-79Birmingham Town HallGuy WoolfendenSullivanWith Cat Like Tread
17-Jun-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBeethovenAria Ah PerfidoWendy Eathorne
17-Jun-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBridgeOverture Rebus
17-Jun-79Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMahlerSymphony No 4 in G major
13-May-79South Bromsgrove High SchoolGuy WoolfendenRimsky KorsakovCapriccio Espagnol
13-May-79South Bromsgrove High SchoolGuy WoolfendenSibeliusFinlandia
13-May-79South Bromsgrove High SchoolGuy WoolfendenSibeliusViolin Concerto in D minorMartin Milner
10-Dec-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBerliozOverture Le Corsaire
10-Dec-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHolstBallet music The Perfect Fool
15-Oct-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenElgarSymphony No 1 in A flat
15-Oct-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMendelssohnOverture Ruy Blas
18-Jun-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenBerliozOverture Beatrice and Benedict
18-Jun-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenProkofievViolin Concerto No 1 in D (Op 19)Andrew Watkinson
18-Jun-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenSchumannSymphony No 4 in D minor
12-Mar-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenMozartSymphony No 32 in G major (K318)
12-Mar-78Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStrauss RichardFour Last SongsElizabeth Gale
11-Dec-77Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDeliusLa Calinda
11-Dec-77Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenDukasThe Sorcerers Apprentice
11-Dec-77Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRawsthorneOverture Street Corner
11-Dec-77Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenRossiniOverture William Tell
11-Dec-77Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenStravinskyCircus Polka
17-Jun-73Spa CentreGuy WoolfendenHindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Weber
29-Nov-70Leamington Town HallTimothy ReynishMozartHorn concerto No 4 in E flat (K495)Alan Civil
03-Nov-68Leamington Town HallTimothy ReynishDvorakRomance for violin and orchestra (Op 2)Kenneth Page
15-May-60Leamington Town HallJohn StricksonVaughan WilliamsConcerto Grosso for string orchestra
19-Mar-59Holy Trinity ChurchJohn StricksonFaureRequiemAlfred Deller, Tessa Lees, George Cohen